D&W Business Consultants
Is a modern business consulting firm specialized in the unique and complex challenges of small and medium size companies.

Who we are

With offices in the USA and Argentina and affiliate partners in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia, we are a forward-thinking practice supporting new and existing businesses in South Florida and Latin America, and assisting Latin-rooted companies entering the US market. We offer a unique menu of options and techniques specifically molded for the smaller businesses and entrepreneurs that cannot afford the premium prices of the “Big-Four consulting services” league but still demand top professionalism, dedication and expertise.

We care. We know how much your business means to you and your family, to your team, to your people. We have been there. And we are here to help you.


We have a
specific proposal
for your company.


Following a thorough, methodical and personalized approach, we provide devoted attention to each client and work close with owners and management to understand in depth the dynamics of their ventures. By developing limited cases at a time, we strive to dedicate maximum focus to each. After all, it is your business we are committed to improve and “one-model-fixes-all” solutions do not apply.

Our consultants study the integral advantages, disadvantages and opportunities of each, and from there our team creates a tailored solution to expand sales and reach, improve net profit and generate sustainable opportunities.