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A small firm helping the driven entrepreneur on a tight budget, conscious of your cost structure and that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Our market-tested method is an effective step-by-step sequence developed from years of real-world practice, allowing a seamless transition from analysis to action without disrupting your everyday activities. As you and your team are pivotal forces of the process, we engage with both regularly but only as needed, to tune and sync our work.

Whether you are entering the exciting “Sunshine State” market for the first time, a seasoned local company launching new products or services in the region, or an organization seeking more efficiency and profit, our service options and fully-bilingual English/Spanish professionals are ready to support your goals.

"Success happens when opportunity meets preparation."
Zig Ziglar

We offer a menu of options designed for new or existing businesses in the USA and Latin America, with focus in Florida. Our signature expertise lies in companies operating in South Florida, particularly those with roots in Central and South America.

We provide comprehensive support for investors:

• Business Plans
• Strategic and Financial Analyses
• Operational Project Management
• Obtaining Tax ID numbers (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number/ITIN and Employer Identification Number/EIN by our Certified Acceptance Agents, CAA)
• Creating and registering your company locally (Florida Department of State or Delaware)
• Tax filing and defense representation before the IRS
• Tax planning
• Legal counseling to obtain visas, working permits, SSN and US citizenship
• Construction and remodeling with fully licensed General Contractors
• Commercial real estate
• Digital and social media marketing, commercial campaigns

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