Ongoing businesses programs

The complexity and speed of changes in today’s business world require constant adaptation, as trends and market conditions shift quickly. Globalization pushes your company to adjust constantly, as it reshapes competitors and consumers groups of all types and sizes in all geographies. And regardless of how distant you may be from the initial shockwave, your company is at risk from its effects. Local, regional and international markets are always evolving and we offer a menu of options to keep you ahead of these changes and from the competition. Our services for Ongoing Businesses are tailored for the small-and-medium-size company, giving critical support for strengthening or expanding your organization.

Business Strategy and Development

If your company does not have a solid strategic plan, most likely it is not earning the profits it should. Or it is barely breaking even. Or it is in full “survival mode”. It might be simply showing the first signs of “strategic fatigue” (low margins, low profit, cash flow problems, extending payments to suppliers, excessive overtime, and many other). A business that does not revise its strategic plan periodically risks missing targets and goals, as they shift fast and could be very different from those originally projected. Executing an outdated, out of focus plan yields unpredictable results and you might be investing your best efforts in the wrong direction.

Sales Strategies and Expansions

Yes, you can increase your sales revenues. Gain markets. Expand reach. Get larger volumes. Better position your product. Improve pricing. Or even more important yet, improve your net margin and profit. But you need a strategy and a plan. Working “more” does not mean to work “better”, and it is by working more efficiently that you attain the advantages mentioned above. Save that extra energy and apply it to the best strategic actions for your business and improve pricing, product, positioning and profit. With our support, you will have a plan specifically designed for your structure and possibilities, so you can work “better” and also achieve “more” for your company.

Operating Efficiency Program

Successful companies can effectively support their products and sales with an efficient process. Often, products and services that could be otherwise successful fail due to poor implementation, unconvincing launching, wrong market positioning and channel coverage, high sourcing and distribution costs and many other reasons. Early symptoms are unexplained losses in margins and profit, low cash levels (liquidity) in your bank account and high incidence of “other” operational costs. Our Operating Efficiency Program analyzes thoroughly the root of these problems: Sales, Procurement, Operations, Distribution, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Collections, Payments, HR and other areas. After assessing them, we determine several direct improvements and propose you a plan that will improve your margin, profit and overall efficiency. This program is generally combined with our Management Consulting Program, to leverage results.

Management Consulting

To run efficiently a company, its management needs to be in sync with its operations and achieve a positive, overall balance. We offer a modern and specific program to support your key managerial team or yourself, aimed at improving the general performance and covering organizational development, better management practices, overall excellence, process improvement, coaching and mentoring talents, implementing advanced tools, conflict resolution techniques, and HR/talent assessment and development.

Specialized Consulting

Fully aware of the multiple needs companies have, D&W offers consultation and professional support in many other areas. Focusing on specific topics, these programs improve the performance of critical functions and generate a direct impact on business survival and expansion. Our Technology Support, Talent Training & Coaching and our Cash Management & Financing programs reinforce fundamental assets and roles for any company.

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